TutorMinds' tutors are professionals, dedicated to educating, that have exemplified excellence in one-to-one instruction.
Our tutors go through an extensive interview process . Before any employment with our company, a background check is also conducted. We require state teaching credentials and/or documented formal tutoring experience . We only take references that we can check with, as our mission is to deliver quality in our program and we do everything to get it.
Many of our tutors are actively teaching or substituting in school systems or are retired educators. We also employ graduate students.
Our Education Consultants
Tutor Minds' Education Consultants are not only experts in curriculum, they are also knowledgeable when it comes to designing an effective tutoring plan, geared to expedite the learning process. They act as an extension of the parent, in that they look to set goals for children and make sure that the right tutor is placed; keeping in mind that the working relationship has to secure success in the shortest amount of time, they follow up with our tutors and families.


Iniya's concentration and speed has really improved after coming for the program.
- Kavitha

New way of learning Maths. Now Ved thinks Maths is fun and easy to learn, Nice and friendly Teacher.
- Monaleesa

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