TutorMinds is a part of MindsAhead Academy and it is a program that provides One-On-One Tutoring and/or group based tutoring. To visit MindsAhead please click here.

The TutorMinds Program has two modes of operation:

Home Tuition

Wouldn't you like tutoring schedules to fit around your life style, not based on the timings/batches of tutoring centers?
Wouldn't you like tutors to fit a personality criteria as well as a need?
Wouldn't you like the availability of having the same tutor until the specific goal is achieved, instead of dealing with different tutors because of a schedule change?
Wouldn't it be easier to reschedule according to your preferences, without cost?
If you are still not convinced by the magic of One On One Tutoring or you have specific questions, do not hesitate to book a Free, No Obligation Consultation with one of our Education Consultants.
At our center, you will begin to enjoy learning and enhance your abilities! to get you on the right track, we provide you with a Free, In-Home assessment and consult in order to set a plan of action. Additionally, to further assist with the implementation of a plan , a comprehensive evaluation and assessment is conducted so we can best serve the needs of your child. Each approach is tailored and customized to the needs of student, therefore, 100% personal commitment is rendered on the part of both the parent and child. Programs are tailored to bring about the best in every student and the work does not stop at the door!

Center Based Learning (CBT)

Since our Learning Centers are already established , unlike many other online tutoring companies, we are able to provide you with center based programming as well. Upon gaining confidence, if your child is ready to become part of a group based approach and there is an interest, we will extend this opportunity to you, as it fosters faster results.

Our programs

Tutor Minds strongly believes that with the continuous evaluation of students and the focused one on one support from expert tutors, grades and learning skills improve dramatically. Our assessment is a tool that provides students the opportunity to work harder in areas of weakness. The efforts of our staff are concentrated on supporting the needs of children, to ensure that they find success ; results can be seen within a few weeks of starting the program.
There is an improvement in learning skills, a platform to build confidence and we foster achievement in areas of difficulty as student participate in our programming. Result from multi- pronged approach we are able to see academic successes at a much quicker rate. This program is sought out because we are able to provide an unparalleled amount of care, the cost is unequivocal in comparison to other centers and we maintain a level of confidence amongst our students that is unsurpassed.
Understanding student's needs, as well as those of the family are key in matching a tutor and because we do the leg work, we are successful We have been successful in establishing goal oriented plans and with the dedication of our staff, the end result is always attained. Additionally, our Education Consultants work as extensions on behalf of the parents and tutors work as extensions on behalf of the school s; the two work cohesively in identifying and filling the missing gaps for the students and this fosters a support that gets the job done.

1. Reading & Language Arts Tutoring

Tutor Minds offers tutoring at all grade levels, tailoring lessons in Reading and Language Arts. Student's language proficiency often determines general learning ability ; the language arts skills we teach our students are cross curricular in that, they are able to apply them to other subject matter for the porpouse of advencement Our tutors aspire to promote a love for reading and writing that ultimately enables student to embrace crosses over to other learning opportunities.

2. Math Tutoring

At Tutor Minds, we continually see students who are missing a key math component that has not been established earlier in their learning. This missing building block becomes magnified as the math becomes more complex( incorporating calculus, trigonometry and advanced geometry concepts). Often the result is a frustrated and confused student. Tutor Minds will help identify and rebuild the student's math foundations, while ensuring understanding of existing homework.

3. Science Tutoring

Science can be one of the most intimidating and difficult subjects to tackle. Tutor Minds will work with each student, to secure a true understanding of the content area. It has been proven that developing a strong foundation in chemistry, biology, and physics helps put student's back on the right track.

4. Foreign Languages / ESL Tutoring
Foreign language credits are now more important than ever , as they are a requirement for entrance into universities. Many schools are now structuring their foreign language courses so that student are able to respond to audible questions, as opposed to the traditional multiple choice exam. Tutor Minds can provide tutors to service language needs in French, Spanish, Mandarin and a variety of other languages.

5. Enrichment

At Tutor Minds, we help students improve their confidence level and we provide them with an in depth knowledge base that they are able to utilize. Tutor Minds will customize a solution for your student in maintaining advanced learning that further develops the student's skill set.

6. Entrance /Placement Exam Preparation

Tutors are ready to help you prepare for the: SAT, PSSAT, CAT, GMAT, GED, and more! Our test taking strategies and our expertise in the subject area, will add to your knowledge base and help you find the success you crave.

In case of one ON one tutoring, parent is advised to stay in the premises during the tutoring. Parent can sit in the room other than where tutoring is being conducted however parent of student should be present in the center during the tutoring session.



Iniya's concentration and speed has really improved after coming for the program.
- Kavitha

New way of learning Maths. Now Ved thinks Maths is fun and easy to learn, Nice and friendly Teacher.
- Monaleesa

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