Our Programs

After school program focusing on whole brain development & social skills development, for children of ages 5-14, which leads to strong foundation building.
Our children become smart through experiences that they have and are able to equate what works in their best interest and what doesn’t.

Enrichment program & summer camp for children where learning is fun and training is provided in order to build excellence in Math, Science & English, Robotics, creativity (Bees-In-Dreams), ultimately resulting in the management of resources and time management (ManagerMinds)


100% focused on English Reading & Writing


One-ON-One tutoring or center based tutoring that
helps children of any age group, in all subjects, all grades and in all competition exams.


The Mindsahead Robotics program is centered around the development and education of students from ages 5 and up in the subject of Robotics and those sub category subjects that follow. The curriculum will heavily rely on Lego Mindstorm technology sets but will also include introductory information on some more complex robotics that is exhibited by the FRC ( First Robotics Competition) robots.



 Siddhant was the first student  for Brain’O’Brain at the North  Edison branch. Even though he  is five years old, he is doing 3rd grade math.
- Ganesh (Siddhant’s father)

  Both my 4 years old daughters Ashi&Misha attend BrainOBrain and Language Minds programs at the North Edison Center in New Jersey.
-Deepakshi (Ashi’s & Misha’s mother)

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Franchisee Speaks

  Sujata Salian
 (Franchise Owner -  Piscataway, New Jersey)

 I began my association with MindsAhead as a teacher in the Woodbridge center. Looking at the overwhelming response, I decided to own a MindsAhead franchise in Piscataway, New Jersey.
It took me around 6 months to recover my initial investment and get systems and processes in place.