Math, Science & English Excellence

Heading our program with the basic or day to day Math, Science and English operations, we introduce skill building activities that foster mastery in the subject areas.


This term "Bees In Dreams" is coined for: creativity, visualization & imagination, effective communication & action.Bees are social by nature; they love to stay, move and work within a social group.

Registrations open for the 4 weeks summer camp from 30th June to 27th August

-> 5 Days/Week/Full-Day (9am-5pm) - $300/week

-> 5 Days/Week/Half-Day (9am-1pm) - $210/week

-> 3 Days/Week/Half-Day (9am-1pm) - $180/week

*We offer upto 50% discount on online registrations. For promotional rates, please call us on 877 30 MINDS
*Discounts changing daily. Available for few seats only.

ManagerMinds & Robotics

ManagerMinds is focused on building skills required in managing an activity or an application. We concentrate on: time management, team spirit, and project management.

YogaActs, NeuroActs & NewsMinds

NewsMinds, NeuroActs & YogaActs What are NeuroActs? In NewsMinds we encourage children to bring current affairs to the table. We do not limit students to topics and as a result,

Welcome to MindsBee a place where your child will always succeed.

The Difference:
Supported by leading experts in the field of school education ‚ children′s psychology and personality development ‚ Tutor Minds offers a one of a kind program to provide highly customized & effective one on one tutoring program for students of all ages.

We Provide Tutoring for:
  • All ages and abilities
  • All subjects including math, science, English
  • Current school work and homework
  • From pre-school to college levels, and adult education
  • Common entrance exam preparation