What is vocabulary?
Vocabulary consists of the body words used in a particular language.

Why teach vocabulary?
->Vocabulary building is important in learning and education for the purpose of understanding content.

->Vocabulary has a direct affect on comprehension.

->Children with large vocabularies tend to be strong readers.

->A child’s vocabulary can increase by up to 2500/3000 words a year, with exposure to new words.

->The link between vocabulary knowledge and comprehension is undeniable. While reading increases a student's vocabulary significantly, direct and explicit instruction in this particular area has also proven to be an effective mean in learning new words. Vocabulary is essential to being knowledgeable and it is a staple in all of our classrooms.

->The activities in program help students learn vocabulary through repetition and discussion. During such activities, students are encouraged to check their spelling.


Cherry loves to attend LanguageMinds class and we observe continuous improvements in her reading skills
– Andrea

Sweta always look forward for her LanguageMinds class and her teachers has also pointed out that she has amazed her with writing skills. She know now how to start the para and how to close besides excellent para phrasing.