Reading & Comprehension

At MindsAhead Academy, we firmly believe that reading & comprehension are the most critical skills that contribute to the overall success of a child. During the childhood of a student, if there is evidence of superiority in reading, he/she will come to manipulate contents available in the academic progression. The other important related aspect that contributes greatly to the success of a child is being able to write well. Maintaining good use of vocabulary and displaying grammar intellect are key components to writing effectively.

Children who develop a passion for reading early, enhance their skills and develop a proactive approach to learning.

LanguageMinds is a program that has been designed to progress along with the school curriculum, in terms of its complexity. Children are placed into different levels, based on age, grade and skills. We conduct an assessment of every child, at the time of admission.


Cherry loves to attend LanguageMinds class and we observe continuous improvements in her reading skills

Sweta always look forward for her LanguageMinds class and her teachers has also pointed out that she has amazed her with writing skills. She know now how to start the para and how to close besides excellent para phrasing.