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Language Arts is a general academic area used to develop comprehension and abilities to effectively use oral & written language. Reading & comprehension are key to acquiring the knowledge available through the use of different mediums or tools.

At LanguageMinds our teachers build word-rich environments to immerse students in lessons geared for word learning strategies. Research shows that having students look up words and write definitions is the least effective way to increase their vocabulary, this page features many strategies and methods that our teachers use in classroom instruction.

Components of the program include:
-> Grammar
-> Reading & Comprehension
-> Vocabulary Center
-> Writing

Strengths emphasized in the program:
a. Listening
b. Reading
c. Writing
d. Speaking


Cherry loves to attend LanguageMinds class and we observe continuous improvements in her reading skills

Sweta always look forward for her LanguageMinds class and her teachers has also pointed out that she has amazed her with writing skills. She know now how to start the para and how to close besides excellent para phrasing.