Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- How is TutorMinds Home Based Tutoring (HBT) or Center Based Tutoring (CBT) is different from any other HBT service provider or learning center?
At TutorMinds is unique and offers pool of services to customize as per your need. Every child is unique so his or her needs also. One solution can not fit all and not necessarily one solution working at one point of time should work always too. TutorMinds provide the flexibility to switch from one solution to another solution too. Soon we are coming up with Online Tutoring too.

Ques- Are there any assessments my child must go through before being tutored by TutorMinds? 
Yes we strongly recommend however at this point of time there is no associated fee for such assessment. 

Ques- Does TutorMinds supply any learning materials for the tutoring sessions?
Ans- We highly recommend that your child bring home their school books or any other materials they are working on in their class that relates to the subject(s) we are tutoring. Though we provide the flexibility to design the curriculum in HBT however we strongly recommend that your child should stay as much as possible with their school curriculum to gain the significant advantages achieved through our supplementary education. We do not provide a curriculum. We will help you attain materials from your child's school, if necessary, or direct you to several resources where you can purchase the appropriate books, etc. 

Ques- Does HBT always take place in my home?
Yes, we come to you at your convenience. We require that a parent or guardian over the age of 21 be at home for the entire tutoring session. For student's over the age of 16, we offer tutoring at your local library, however, we highly recommend having the tutor come to you. Ask our Director for more details about this option during your complimentary in-home evaluation.

Ques- What are your tutors' qualifications?
Our tutors are credentialed teachers, substitute teachers, retired teachers or Honors college students. We require a minimum of two years of formal teaching and/or tutoring experience. We check all references and personally interview every tutor.

Ques- What if my child doesn't like the tutor?
If, after the first session is complete, you do not think the tutor is a good match with your child, you will not be charged for the session and another tutor will be contacted.

Ques- Are there a minimum number of sessions for which I have to commit and how long is each session?
No, we do not have any long-term contracts, however, we strongly suggest a minimum of twelve sessions to be bought and thereafter in increment of two sessions in order to really see progress. The minimum amount of time for each session is one hour.

Ques- Do your tutors work with learning disabled or special needs children?
Yes, many of our tutors are Special Needs certified and will be able to work in conjunction with your child’s I.E.P. or 504 Plan.

Ques- Do you accept major credit cards?
Yes, we do. You can give us your credit card number at the consultation and we can set you up for automatic monthly or bi-weekly payments. If you prefer to pay by check at some point in the future, no problem! Just call or email us and we can change your preferred method of payment in our accounting system. Conversely, if you pay by check and decide you want to switch to a credit card, just let us know. Whatever is going to be most convenient for you.

Ques- What geographical areas do you service?
During this initial launch we are servicing service in Princeton NJ area only. However we are part of international company operating in 12 countries. Its USA partner is also having multiple centers in NJ. So soon we are planning to launch our services in entire NJ and all over USA. Please stay tuned.

Ques- Do you provide test preparation for the SAT ACT, AP and CAT6 tests?
Yes, we prepare students for all of the above mentioned exams. We require that a test preparation book is used. If you don't have one, we can recommend one for you and tell you where you can purchase it at a reasonable price. We highly recommend that you contact us at least six weeks before the test so our tutors have enough time to help your child prepare. Although we only require one hour a week of tutoring, our experience has been that two hours a week for test prep is the most effective. The rate is the same as our hourly rates for tutoring.Ques- How do I get started?
Ans- You can contact us at 877-30-MINDS or click here or email us at We will set up a complimentary in-home consultation. This is an informal meeting with you and your child. Please have all relevant schoolwork, progress reports, report cards and testing results (if applicable) available for this meeting.


 Siddhant was the first student  for Brain’O’Brain at the North  Edison branch. Even though he  is five years old, he is doing 3rd grade math.
- Ganesh (Siddhant’s father)

  Both my 4 years old daughters Ashi&Misha attend BrainOBrain and Language Minds programs at the North Edison Center in New Jersey.
-Deepakshi (Ashi’s & Misha’s mother)

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Franchisee Speaks

  Sujata Salian
 (Franchise Owner -  Piscataway, New Jersey)

 I began my association with MindsAhead as a teacher in the Woodbridge center. Looking at the overwhelming response, I decided to own a MindsAhead franchise in Piscataway, New Jersey.
It took me around 6 months to recover my initial investment and get systems and processes in place.