Whole Brain Development

Brain O Brain is a fun-filled skill development program that focuses on whole brain development, improving synapses or mid brain activation. This program uses an ancient tool (Abacus) to embrace VAK* learning methods and unlock improved brain utilization. The powerful stimuli of seeing, hearing, and doing, improves cognitive performance and aids in the formation of synapses, or mid brain activation. Children love our Brain O Brain sessions, because they are exciting and engaging the constant level of involvment, makes for a stress free enviornment which to learn at a quicker pace.

At BrainOBrain we studied the brain development process which take place from birth. We have prepared our curriculum based on activities that promote whole brain development.

The activities which we have included in our program are believed to develop the brain. Our program is rooted in ancient times, however, we have introduced multiple learning activities. Activities are developed with the idea of incorporating one program objective into a lesson that activates use of the left and the right side of the brain in order to achieve optimum result in performance. We also customize the abacus learning activity. We use a rhyme based approach when using the abacus and this makes it fun for our students to learn mind math. Based on our heuristics (training and its results), obtained from BrainOBrain abacus classes, we believe our program stimulates both sides of brains equally, leading to balanced brain development.

Our activities in the BrainOBrain and MindsBee programs are geared to building leadership skills. We help stimulate the artistic side of the brain, as well as the analytical side. This approach has allowed for parallel processing (students sing and do mind math problems at some time). We believe this is a result of left and right brain development occuring simultaneously. In such instances of parallel processing, stronger neuron connections are being built in the brain. When such evidence is brought to light, we see that supporting this way of learning leads to sharper brains and children becoming smarter in any activity they perform. We have posted several videos online, depicting children engaging in mind math while singing or performing other extracurricular activities.

wAlthough every child is born with brain cells in the form of neurons and some synapses , brain development starts takes place at different speeds and in different forms.In brain development indows of opportunity are time sensitive, in that specific types of learning can only be addressed during instant for perticuler element. Scientists believe that the first of all learning is from vision and this takes place as the children notice the world around them. As the development starts happening, brain structure starts forming. After vision, words start coming into a child's mind and then meaning is associated, resulting in the learning of language. Children also learn from touch during this time.

The brain has two hemispheres, and each hemisphere has four lobes. Each of these lobes has numerous folds. Different parts of the brain control different kinds of functions. Most of the activities that we think of as "brain work", (i.e. thinking, planning or remembering) are handled by the cerebral cortex the uppermost, ridged portion of the brain. Other parts of the brain also play a role in memory and learning.


Everytime she is getting better at tests. Brainobrain has also taught her more patience and concentration both in studies and in other domestic works.
- Parents of Alanhya Singh.9th Std.

After joining Brainobrain, I am finding my child more focused & interested in subjects. His overall interest towards calculation is also increasing.
- Parents of Parth Sindhu, 4th Std