Advanced Abacus - Mind Math

This is a unique skill development programme, where we nurture the children’s brain to develop some of the foundation skills ....

NLP & Social Skills

NLP is a science of understanding how we think. Increasing the awareness of your style of thinking can really help you increase your choices.....


NeuroActs is a group of activities which stimulate brain and coordination of brain with body. These activities are to relax & recharge our students in between of activities.

Spelling Conciousness

Children are taught to be spelling conscious. There are different contests organized internal to class & centers too to challenge young minds to become sharp kids.

Whole Brain Development

Brain O Brain is a fun-filled skill development program that focuses on whole brain development, especially improving synapses or mid brain activation...


If you have the interest in Brainobrain Skill Development Program focused on Whole Brain Development for Children 4+ to 14 years of all abilities...

News & Events

There are total of 10 Levels, each level comprising 12 weeks
We have same curriculum for all...


Since you landed at this page so you may have some interest in MindsAhead Academy. If you are looking for an education ...

Welcome to Brain O Brain – a place where your child will always succeed.

The Difference:
Supported by leading experts in the field of school education ‚ children′s psychology and personality development ‚ Tutor Minds offers a one of a kind program to provide highly customized & effective one on one tutoring program for students of all ages.

We Provide Tutoring for:
  • All ages and abilities
  • All subjects including math, science, English
  • Current school work and homework
  • From pre-school to college levels, and adult education
  • Common entrance exam preparation

How can early childhood education online help children in their development